Stats, Races and Classes

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Stats, Races and Classes

Post by Nobody Man on Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:38 pm

There are 7 different stats:

  • Offense, compared to the enemy's defense, determines damage inflicted

  • Defense, compared to the enemy's offense, determines damage received

  • Speed, which determines your move order, attack order and your character's actual quickness

  • IQ, which either determines handiness with your particular class's skill or your proficiency in PK, psychic abilities

  • Guts, which gives you critical hits, lets you hang on if you take a mortal blow and determines how much NPCs respect you

  • Vitality to determine your HP


  • Luck, which is pretty self explanatory

Then come the races, which are wholly unimportant for gameplay except as to understand your character's origin:

  • Humans, which are very milquetoast and unremarkable

  • Starmen, which come from space and are in league with the grand villain, Giygas- your character will have to have some reason to be beyond Giygas's ranks, either as a rebel or a lost descendant or something of the sort

  • Mooks, which are also aliens but appear to be a race allied with Giygas's forces and not just his servants

  • Mr. Saturns, which are little pudgy ball boys who speak in weird broken dialects and can only be of the class Mr. Saturn

  • Undead, which cannot heal by conventional means and are limited to very specific healing items

  • and whatever else you can come up with, any race at all is acceptable so long as it's communicable in english

and 8 classes, 4 of which come from the game and 4 of which are of my own design:

  • The Baseball Enthusiast has the highest Vitality and is all-around pretty well balanced, with a special PK move that does great deals of damage to multiple enemies while still having a decent Offense stat

  • The Psychic Schoolkid is alll about PK moves, with many different elemental based attacks and shields, but a poor performance offensively and low Vitality. Still, one of the fastest classes

  • The Tactical Technician is great for buffing other team members, or dealing a great amount of damage, but relies almost entirely on tech stored in their inventory cobbled together from broken things found mid-journey. When the inventory runs out, they get kind of useless. Decent stats other than that

  • The Saturnmancer has the third most potent of PK use and all-around fairly balanced stats, but is the second slowest class, and can only heal more than 6 HP with one specific food item- other items also have the chance of making him/her ill

  • the Mr. Saturn class is unique in that it has the highest potential IQ but no Offense and very little Defense, relying almost entirely on shields. They know every possible PK move, however.

  • The Beastmaster has the lowest stats overall except for having the second-highest Defense, but can tame and master any monster they come across, using that creature to attack and storing up to three at a time

  • The Thief Retainer is the fastest and has the highest Luck, as well as a good amount of varied tricks up their sleeve to make up for their lack of PK and the ability to pickpocket any enemy mid-battle


  • the Runaway Roadie has the highest Offense, Defense and Guts, but next to no Speed or Luck, no IQ and middle of the road Vitality
    they make up for their lack of PK with devastating physical strength

also every character is a resident of Onett Orphanage, so I'll need you to name them whatever you like and give them a story to fit their coming to such a place.

Happy trails!

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